Business Sweden’s Sustainability work

Sustainable business is profitable business. As an innovative partner, Business Sweden create awareness around sustainability and its impact on business. Focusing on five central areas, we help companies navigate in complex markets and minimise their risk.

Sweden has a long history of international commitment to co-create on sustainable development and holds a leading position in the development of new environmental technology and sustainable system solutions – an important competitive advantage for Swedish companies that operate globally. Business Sweden plays an active, forward-leaning role in this development and has been doing so for a long time.

Through governance and reporting, we work to achieve transparency and reach the goals of our focus areas.

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For more information, please contact: Emma Modéer Wiking

Business Sweden Sustainability Report

You can download the Business Sweden's sustainability report from here.


EKN’s Sustainability policy

Responsible business

EKN wants to promote responsible entrepreneurship. The considerations that EKN takes into account in its guarantees include the environment, human rights and working conditions, the fight against corruption and tax evasion, and the promotion of sustainable lending to poor countries.

EKN for continuous talks with some of the largest export companies in Sweden and voluntary organizations on how we can continue to drive sustainable global development and responsible business where the export product is used.

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EKN's Sustainability Policy

You can download the EKN's sustainability policy from here.

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SEK Sustainability work

SEK has chosen three focus areas for our work with sustainable development. Responsible credit granting is about conducting credit granting on sustainable grounds. By using green financing, we wish to mobilize capital for green and sustainable development. We wish to establish an attractive workplace by focusing on its sustainability and taking responsibility for our immediate social and environmental impact.

Through governance and reporting, we work to achieve transparency and reach the goals of our focus areas.

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SEK finances transition within