Linxon is a global joint venture company dedicated to substation and electrification projects. We combine Hitachi Energies technological knowledge and SNC-Lavalin’s project management expertise, leveraging the key strengths from both parent companies.

Linxon is a new company built on 100 years of technology expertise, and 60 years of substation and electrification project experience worldwide.

We combine SNC-Lavalin’s project management expertise and Hitachi Energy’s industry-leading technological knowledge to create a new company, leveraging the key strengths from both parent partners.

Linxon helps cities grow, industries expand, and communities thrive by building a crucial part of the power transmission grid. Linxon offers engineering, procurement, management and construction services for execution of large, complex AC power substations including expansions and electrification in four main segments.

Flexible power solutions

  • Renewable Generation
    • Substations that meet the demands of tomorrow
  • Transportation
    • For rail substation applications and mass transit transmission
  • Utilities
    • Serving utilities with engineering and program efficiency
  • Conventional Generation
    • Substation innovations connecting conventional generation
  • Data Centers
    • Serving data center operators with specialized designs for reliable power
  • Battery Energy Storage
    • Advanced battery storage solution for diverse applications​

Our heritage

We are the merger of “the best of two worlds” - Engineering / Construction capabilities (SNC-Lavalin) and high-quality products (Hitachi Energy)

Our vision

We are the partner of choice for our customer for our comprehensive solution portfolio

Our purpose

We are building the infrastructure to power the world with carbon free energy

Our values

  • Trust
    • We care for the wellbeing of each other – physically and mentally
    • We act ethically and keep our commitments
    • Our customers can rely on us
  • Entrepreneurship
    • We create value in everything we do
    • We act with a strong sense of ownership for the result
    • We are curious and find innovative solutions
  • Collaboration
    • We value the opinion of others and create a spirit of teamwork and openness
    • We learn from each other’s different perspectives for the better outcome
    • We help and support each other