The EPC Alliance by Sweden steering group

Business Sweden

Business Sweden’s purpose is to help Swedish companies grow global sales and international companies invest and expand in Sweden

Business Sweden is jointly owned by the Swedish state and the Swedish business sector with a mandate and a mission to help international companies gain access to the Swedish market and help domestic ones utilize it as a platform for expansion. The clients range from start-ups via small- and medium sized businesses to multinational enterprises – with tailor-made services catering to all of these segments.

Business Sweden has a holistic approach, offering both hands-on support, strategic and practical expertise and a unique capability to create access where access is hard to get, both in Sweden and through their 40+ offices across Europe, Americas, Middle East & Africa and Asia Pacific. Business Sweden’s expertise, presence and exclusive access to networks and stakeholders in both the public and private sectors in these markets gives them a supreme ability to help clients navigate regional business structures in order to expand their business and unlock growth.

In short, Business Sweden help companies turn opportunities into reality.

The Swedish Export Credit Agency

EKN is an authority with the task of promoting Swedish exports and does this by ensuring the risk of not being paid in export transactions. They also ensure banks’ lending to both exporting companies and their buyers.

EKN’s guarantees make difficult markets available and enable more secure export transactions. They work with the big global companies as well as the very small ones, and guarantee their export business to over 130 countries. EKN is funded with the guarantee holders’ premiums that reflect the risk in the transaction. The activities shall be financially self-sustaining over time. EKN’s commitment is on behalf of the Swedish state. 

Swedish Export Credit Corporation

Swedish Export Credit Corporation is a state-owned company that finances Swedish exporters, their subsidiaries, and foreign customers. With SEK’s financing international buyers can obtain loans to purchase Swedish goods and services. This reliable source of fund is also available for exporters. With lending in 60 countries, SEK has substantial knowledge of international transactions and is a natural business partner with export financing. SEK’s vision is a sustainable world through increased Swedish exports.

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